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New technical analysis about USD/JPY on 16/07/2010

As previously forecasted, breach of support in 88.20 opened the way on annual minimum in 86.90/87.00.
Thereupon, the check of these factors price continued consolidating nearby and currently lived on 87.00/10.
The Pointers steadily save the prejudice in profit of the gradient to last move s. This gives the reason for suggestions to promote falling downwards on this intersection before new minimum.
Continuing, breach 86.95 on reasons check of support in 86.50/60 and further in 86.30/20 also for locked time.
At the same time, currently checked support - well within reach to continue to withstand the attack of the Bears , and that probably means the development to trade consolidation within the range of 87.30/40-86.95/87.00.


The Magic of Filtration for Forex MQL !

The Magic of Filtration for Forex MQL !

Introduction in MQL

Most developers automated trading the system (ATS), one way or another, uses certain form to filtering signal. Though this - not single way to perfect the system features, is considered the most efficient. The Beginner "grails-developers" often falls in magic filter. This much simply to take certain trading the strategy, hang the dozen a filter on this, and here this -, - a profitable Expert Consultant.

However, there is opponents of the use filter. The Filters vastly (sometimes 2-3 once), reduce the amount of the deals, and no guarantee that in the future, they will such efficient as in past. Certainly, there is also some other convincing reasons.

So let's take the further glance and shall consider whole this measure at a time.
Hypothesis meaninglessness filtering

If Expert Consultant unprofitable ("drainer"), he hardly that certain type to filtering помог,- magic to filtering week here.

Consequently, in this article, these Expert Consultants does not. Though, we must hear that there is studies quantum-frequency filter, capable to turn practically any "drainer" in pseudo-Grail.
Hypothesis of the dangers to filtering

If Expert Consultant in their own feature reaches the ideal Automated Trading System, then filterring only worsen this.

We must that meant the ideal automated trading system. This, meant such trade strategy, which generates only profitable deal i.e. does not bring any losses. In such system, the amount to unprofitable trade = 0.
What is a filter?

In its the simplest form, the signal filter to trade is a logical restriction such as,: if - not less than B (> = B), then signal is missed, and if he smaller (
The Example.Can be a correlation between result ATS, trading and atmospheric pressure in village Kukushkino i.e. You may create the suitable filter and perfect the incom of the Expert Consultant, who notice in attention weather in this небольшом Russian city. However, hardly that anyone be grateful for such progressive method in filtering that this could raise profitablity systems.
Categorization filter

Though there is big row filter was used in ATS, they can are still split into two main classes:
bandpass filter (P-filter) - will send the band a signal;
the discrete filter (D-filter) - a selective issue signal by mask (the pattern).
Where to start?

Let's shall consider the filterring mechanism a review on example allow to use the Expert Consultant DC2008_revers (see applicable file), which was specially designed for this article and study their own features (without using any filters).

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Free Forex video comments on 15/07/2010

Free Forex video comments on 15/07/2010

Market today bargains in semi-annual maximum on EUR/USD and GBP/USD!
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Free forex signals on 14/07/2010 for EUR/USD!

Free forex signals on 14/07/2010 for EUR/USD!
EUR/USD intraday: further upside.
Pivot: 1.2720
My preference: Long positions above 1.2720 with targets @ 1.2645 & 1.2605 in extension.
Comment Forex: the pair remains on the upside and is challenging its strong resistance.


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Conditions of the new Forex bonus program - Up to 50% on deposit in Forex4you!

Conditions of the new Forex bonus program - Up to 50% bonus on deposit in Forex4you!
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Trading Forex Free analyses on 14/07/2010 for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD

Trading Forex Free analyses on 14/07/2010 for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD

EUR/USD intraday: intraday support around 1.2525.
Pivot: 1.2525
My preference: Long positions above 1.2525 with targets @ 1.262 & 1.265 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Below 1.2525 look for further downside with 1.2475 & 1.243 as targets.
Comment Forex: the pair is rebounding on its support as the RSI is turning up.

GBP/USD intraday: continuation of the rebound.
Pivot: 1.505
My preference: Long positions above 1.505 with targets @ 1.513 & 1.5175 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Below 1.505 look for further downside with 1.5005 & 1.4975 as targets.
Comment forex : the RSI has broken above a declining trend line, the pair is on the upside and is challenging its resistance.

USD/CHF intraday: under pressure.
Pivot: 1.0665
My preference: Short positions below 1.0665 with targets @ 1.059 & 1.0525 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Above 1.0665 look for further upside with 1.07 & 1.075 as targets.
Comment Forex: the pair has struck against its resistance and is challenging its support.

USD/JPY intraday: the downside prevails.
Pivot: 88.6
My preference: Short positions below 88.6 with targets @ 87.95 & 87.7 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Above 88.6 look for further upside with 88.85 & 89 as targets.
Comment Forex: the pair is on the downside and is breaking below its support.

USD/CAD intraday: the downside prevails.
Pivot: 1.0351
My preference: Short positions below 1.0351 with targets @ 1.0295 & 1.0225 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Above 1.0351 look for further upside with 1.04 & 1.0455 as targets.
Comment Forex: the RSI is capped by a bearish trend line.

AUD/USD intraday: rebound.
Pivot: 0.867
My preference: Long positions above 0.867 with targets @ 0.88 & 0.885 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Below 0.867 look for further downside with 0.862 & 0.856 as targets.
Comment Forex: the pair has rebounded on its horizontal range lower boundary and should reach its next resistance.


Free forex signals and comment forex - online video servise - 12/07/2010

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Fundamental analysis JPY for last week!

Thereupon the valid upturn in the first half of the week, the currency of Japan lost to the US Dollar and so got back to the minimums, whereat it resided in the end of June. The optimistic outburst at the stock markets afforded enough grounds for returning into the Yen as a foundering currency for the carry trade deals. That certainly determined its narrowing together with the US Dollar purchasing by the importers on the favorable terms.
The economic data, which were published last week, weren’t encouraging, because the machine building orders suddenly fell down for 9.1% against April, which occurred to be the worst possible dynamics since August 2008. The money supply aggregates showed some squeezing, the volumes of the bank crediting lessened, and finally, the values of coinciding and advancing indicators demonstrated slowdown, just like the economic observers’ index.
The trading balance surplus of “The Land of Rising Sun” also went ahead decreasing in May. Generally speaking, the macro parameters noted the unfavorable dynamics, while the state authorities go on speaking about the good opening. The economic data, which are going to be represented this week, aren’t likely to improve the general state of affairs. The services’ activity is predicted with dullness, and the households’ confidence lowering down in June.
Nothing new is expected from the Bank of Japan concerning the interest rate, which will remain unchangeable most likely. The today represented data have shown the continuation of the inflationary development as the wholesale price index demonstrated -0.4% m/m for June. To say it in a word, it seems to be too long before the recovery in Japan. However, the statistics isn’t among the factors of influence upon the Yen.
The results of the general elections in Japan will obviously be a checkpoint for the investors in the first day of the present weekly session, and in the second turn the level of inclination to risk, as usual. If presume, this factor may decrease i.e., the investors probably start seeking for a currency shelter again the Japanese currency has all chances to renew its strengthening.

Fundamental analysis GBP for last week!

The cross of GBP/USD was interesting thanks to the ranging trades last week. The result changed every day, though the general impressions favored the Sterling’s advance. However, the weekly totals stated the US Dollar gain as the Friday trades provided the profit for the American currency when the “cable” incurred massive sales-offs. The weekly ambiguity obviously turned into the diffidence. The prospects of the British economy don’t obviously encourage the market to expect the development of the positive economic tendencies in the “Isles” by reason of the governmental plans of expenditures’ cut. Moreover, the indicators start to demonstrate the declining tendencies. The British services’ activity slid down to the minimum since August 2009. The opinion polls stated high apprehensions of the new wave of recession in the British business. The British trading balance worsened, while the deficits grew up. The producers’ transfer prices showed downgrading in June in Great Britain. Despite all above mentioned, the forecasts of various researching institutions encourage the expectations of further raise. For example, the British Institute of NIESR predicts the national economic increase for 0.7% in the 3rd quarter. Furthermore, the British Chamber of Commerce foresees positive perspectives basing upon the good orders’ balance for the former quarter. The British economic news is going to be rich for essential data this week. These publications are starting even today already. The first of all should be the data on GDP of the 1st quarter, which publicizing was postponed earlier. The forecast predicts the maintenance of the advance values of 0.3% q/q and -0.2% y/y.
Also, the quarter information about the payment balance is to be represented with the rapid increase of the deficit from -1.7 Billion to -4.5 Billion of pound probably. Of course, it can’t be a good reason for the positive attitude to the British currency by any means. Later on, the statistics will show the June tempos of the consumer prices’ increase, which are presumed slowing down the 2nd month running together with the home prices, which indexes should state the sagging down as well in accordance with the RICS data.
Finally, the data on the unemployment in the “Isles” are also planned to be published. This indicator is expected to show the shortage of the jobless receiving the redundant payment. Reasoning from the forecasts, it’s reasonable to presume the lack of support for the Sterling together with high probability of its return to suppression most likely.

Fundamental analysis EURO for last week!

Fundamental analysis EURO for last week!
The Euro is the only one among the majors, which managed to retain the “triumphant” totals resulting of the weekly trades against the US Dollar.
The evident bust of the information flow as for the Euro zone’s debts problems, the high-leveled demand for the Spanish bonds, which was observed during the last bid auction, and finally, the assurances of the Spanish government of the guaranteed fulfillment of its obligation, which should expire in July, supported the common European currency.
Moreover, the stock markets’ optimism also leveled up the demand for the Euro. Though, the widening of the profitability spread between the 10-year Greek bonds and the German one with the same expiry period till 8% per annum in last trading day of the week i.e., on Friday, reminded the market of the default threatens’ relevance. That caused the sudden reversal to the common currency’s sales, but all the same it couldn’t derogate all Euro positions gained to the US Dollar. Furthermore, ECB went ahead refinancing the banks and announced the terms of the stress-tests – that calmed down the markets and so aroused interest in the Euro, of course. The interest rate remained unchangeable at the last meeting of the European regulator, while the J.-C.
Triche’s comments sounded optimistically. The data on the EU economy made no surprise as the GDP upturn for the 1st quarter remained within the edges of the advanced estimation, at 0.2% q/q and 0.6% y/y, though both the consumption and net export decreased. The May values of the European manufacturing indicators were reasonably good. The leading economies stated raise – Germany for +2.6% and France for +1.7%, however, the trading balances marked the opposite results as the surplus curtailed in Germany, while the deficit grew up in France. The situation is also unpromising long term, because the advancing indicator of the manufacturing orders lowered down for 0.5% in Germany, and that in its turn presumes the further cut down of the export as the principal trading item of the EU largest economy with its abroad partners is the industrial products. The ZEW report is expected this week. The business behavior index is predicted to tumble both in Germany and within the Euro zone in general by reason of elevated apprehensions concerning the Euro zone troubles and especially as for the banking sector.
The inflationary parameters are forecasted to note decline; though, following both the forecasts and the data on the European leading economies, these indicators increased in May as compared to April. Also, there’s one more negative prediction for the Euro: the foreign trading balance’s surplus shortage. As seen, the major portion of the news predicts the downgrading trend resulting of the economic processes. Certainly, it will cause the change of the attitude to the Euro, which will be far from favoring the common currency, if it occurs in fact, of course.

Last week was remarkable for respective mildness amidst...

Last week was remarkable for respective mildness amidst...

Last week was remarkable for respective mildness amidst the insignificant capacity of the US economic statistics.
The attempts to suppress the US Dollar went on, but succeeded concerning the cross of the “buck” to the Euro only, because the latter was upraising thanks to the optimistic influxes at the stock market and also the absence of further negative concerning the EU countries’ debt troubles.
However, both the GB Pound and Yen were in “less luck”, because these majors lost to the “greenback” its predominance at the market, which occurred in the beginning of the week and completed the session sagging down. As mentioned, there were little data on the economy of the USA.
Their values stirred up the conclusions of pessimistic climate in the US affairs, as the purchasing managers’ index for the services stated a definite meltdown in June, while the same tendency was observed in the consumer crediting – the April value was revised to -14.9 Billion after previous +1.0 Billion of dollar, and it was pronounced -9.1 Billion for May. The employment statistics smoothed the situation to some degree, but only concerning the weekly dynamics of the primary jobless claims, which showed a shortage.
The increase was also observed in the wholesale stocks as there was a raise for 0.5% in May after +0.2% in April, though the annual dynamics proves the cut down for 2.1% y/y. There’s going to be much more American economic news this week. The following data will certainly cone the market’s attention: the foreign trade’s totals with the forecasted shortage of the deficit to -39.3 Billion from -40.3 Billion of dollar, the results of the budget implementation, with probably les minus than before, moreover, it’s predicted to be almost twice less; and finally, the June data for the retail sales, which are presumed decreasing for -0.1% m/m, what is much less than fixed in May, when it was -1.2% m/m.
Besides, the inflation will also arouse interest as both the producers’ and consumer price indexes are predicted sagging down per annum, whereas there’s foreseen the monthly increase of the consumer prices (CPI), though the decline of the producers’ ones (PPI). The political component of the weekly news will be represented with the appearance of B. Bernankey and the publicizing of the last FOMC meeting’s minute.
As judged by the former weekly session’s events, it’s reasonable to forecast the comeback of the concerns about the Euro zone’s troubles to the market. The widening of the spread between the German and Greek bonds reasonably confirms it. If this mood keeps stays further the US Dollar will go ahead getting back its formerly lost positions. Also possible, this process has already begun on the previous Friday, when the “buck” mainly fixed the profit.

Forex signals and technical analysis for AUD/USD 12/07/2010

Forex signals and technical analysis for AUD/USD 12/07/2010!

This AUD/USD pair has rallied up and is probably reaching the final stages of the move.
In Elliot wave terms we are probably in a 4th wave with one last move up to go.
This final move is likely to reach the monthly pivot level at 0.8815 before encountering substantial resistance.
It may well break through and go higher possibly reaching the 61.8% Fibonacci line at 0.8905.
After that a steep decline may begin.

Forex signals and technical analysis for AUD/USD

Free forex signals, comment and Forex analyses on 13/07/2010 on EUR/USD !

Free forex signals, comment and Forex analyses on 13/07/2010 on EUR/USD

EUR/USD intraday: consolidation.
Pivot: 1.262
My preference: Short positions below 1.262 with targets @ 1.255 & 1.2525 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Above 1.262 look for further upside with 1.265 & 1.27 as targets.
Comment Forex: the pair is rebounding on its support but remains within a bearish channel.

Free forex signals, comment and Forex analyses on 13/07/2010 on EUR/USD