The Magic of Filtration for Forex MQL !

The Magic of Filtration for Forex MQL !

Introduction in MQL

Most developers automated trading the system (ATS), one way or another, uses certain form to filtering signal. Though this - not single way to perfect the system features, is considered the most efficient. The Beginner "grails-developers" often falls in magic filter. This much simply to take certain trading the strategy, hang the dozen a filter on this, and here this -, - a profitable Expert Consultant.

However, there is opponents of the use filter. The Filters vastly (sometimes 2-3 once), reduce the amount of the deals, and no guarantee that in the future, they will such efficient as in past. Certainly, there is also some other convincing reasons.

So let's take the further glance and shall consider whole this measure at a time.
Hypothesis meaninglessness filtering

If Expert Consultant unprofitable ("drainer"), he hardly that certain type to filtering помог,- magic to filtering week here.

Consequently, in this article, these Expert Consultants does not. Though, we must hear that there is studies quantum-frequency filter, capable to turn practically any "drainer" in pseudo-Grail.
Hypothesis of the dangers to filtering

If Expert Consultant in their own feature reaches the ideal Automated Trading System, then filterring only worsen this.

We must that meant the ideal automated trading system. This, meant such trade strategy, which generates only profitable deal i.e. does not bring any losses. In such system, the amount to unprofitable trade = 0.
What is a filter?

In its the simplest form, the signal filter to trade is a logical restriction such as,: if - not less than B (> = B), then signal is missed, and if he smaller (
The Example.Can be a correlation between result ATS, trading and atmospheric pressure in village Kukushkino i.e. You may create the suitable filter and perfect the incom of the Expert Consultant, who notice in attention weather in this небольшом Russian city. However, hardly that anyone be grateful for such progressive method in filtering that this could raise profitablity systems.
Categorization filter

Though there is big row filter was used in ATS, they can are still split into two main classes:
bandpass filter (P-filter) - will send the band a signal;
the discrete filter (D-filter) - a selective issue signal by mask (the pattern).
Where to start?

Let's shall consider the filterring mechanism a review on example allow to use the Expert Consultant DC2008_revers (see applicable file), which was specially designed for this article and study their own features (without using any filters).

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