No deposit Forex bonus 20 USD for real trading

No deposit Forex bonus 20 USD for real trading!

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The company provides RoboForex new no deposit bonus on the Forex market.

"Welcome Bonus" is a new opportunity for beginners to test their strength in real mode, but experienced traders to test the trading terms offered by the company!

* Conditions deposit bonus Forex - «Welcome Bonus»:
"Welcome Bonus" of $ 20 USD (2000 cents on the account balance) is provided only for bills Cent Fix-Cent and Pro-Cent.
Bonus can be removed if the total volume of closed transactions exceed:

- 100 mikrolotov (1 standard lot) to accounts Fix-Cent;
- 167 mikrolotov (1.67 standard lot) to accounts Pro-Cent.

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Free Forex VPS Service for Traders with broker EXNESS

Forex VPS for Free Service  with broker EXNESS!

Free Forex VPS ALLOWS that You start MT4 in remote server rather then running of the platform in your own computer. This means if your computer destroys or, You lose the relationship internet, your forex platform MT4 still works with forex free vps service . Much it is important for forex trader, used Forex Expert advisors -  Consultant your trade forex strategy executes 24 hours a day with forex vps for free.

Also, Free VPS forex  is located in the same centre given as our trade servers so this can also reduce at any rotational latency on your relationship.
Very big plus for forex trader for instance for trader on places like Australia and ect. distants countries!

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Trade with Free Forex deposit on real accounts!

Trade with Free Forex deposit on real accounts!
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Most forex brokers were allowed You have to practise to take into consideration simply several months. After this they will want that You deposited some dollars and free this im.
Here Plus 500 distinguishes itself from others - Free Forex Deposit 20$. Not on fact they do not take your money, cause their want that in the same way bad as any other broker. But at least once they have allowed that You practise in the same way long as You want. And good this is because that after You have terminated your practising and wanted to try this with little free forex deposit with real money, they have allowed that You begin with forex free deposit $20.
This - not fraud or something, does not fill your credit card in the first, simply light $20 signing on.
After I practics during three months, which I have solved to try this causes I love taking certain risk with free forex money, this - simply like playing poker. But trade with real free forex money completely other than trade with soft moneys. When this - a forgery, You raise no objection if trade fails and, You probably expect as long as needed while position, which You will not take, will be a profit You. On free real forex money this - an excellent way, gone bankrupt.
I not continue explain as You may become the good trader Forex, cause me - not good forex trader. I have right before wanted to report this real free forex deposit bonus. And who does not do to love the free bonuses?
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Pleased to present for You ForexCent broker company - New Free Forex - No Deposit Bonus

Pleased to present for You ForexCent broker company - New Free Forex - No Deposit Bonus ForexCent gives you 500 cent USD

Nodeposit forex bonus

No deposit bonuses forex mainly are not serviced to attract more total attention to broker Forex, offer of the fixed amount of the free forex money for all. To get the bonus Forex without deposit, which You must not do to send any funds; this - often it is enough to sign on for free forex real account and provide certain personal identification a document.
This - rather quick and light way to cash to free Forex to present themselves . No deposit bonus forex then can be not used for trade profit integer and earning.
The Brokers Forex usually forbid removing the free forex bonuses amounts but after determined amount to trade was made by trader, which they unlock the forex free bonus for removing. The Profit earned from trade with this bonus usually available to free-play removing.
This type free bonus Forex good for begin trader Forex, which wants be practised with free real forex money without too much risks.


Free video forex forecast on 14/08/2010 - free forex signals!

Free video forex forecast on 14/08/2010 - free forex signals!

The Expensive Gentlemens, big pardon for absence forex forecast, in recently!


Alan Greenspan releases warning for USA economic reconstruction!

Alan Greenspan releases warning for USA economic reconstruction!
Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve USA, have reported the television US that there is currently pause in reconstruction USA.
Mr. Greenspan reported that NBC s Meets the program Presses: We re in pause in reconstruction, modest reconstruction but pause in modest reconstruction to look like quasi-decline.

He was asked if he has thought that USA could reduce in decline and he has answered, possible if home prices go downwards. The House values as to the best advantage we judge can really justify during past of the year.

The Market vein USA suffered since tax stimulus Government ended at the end April.

The End of the tax credit initiative Governments, which was provided up to $8,000 for new buyers and $6,500 for the current owner, who buy and move in the other house, will raise the market a vein last several months.

However though effect of the tax credit remains to molt following several months, sellouts and is expected that activity will decrease, according to expert.

In the interim, there also was an awe about power of the economic reconstruction USA, particularly as country remains be grapped with high unemployment.

Mr. Greenspan said that long-term unemployment - have a negative influence in worlds the largest economy but believes the jobless rate remain around 9.5% marks for difference of the year.

HE is a figures of the unemployment subjecting to later this week.

Mr. Greenspans commentary comes simply after Division of Trade USA found economy felt annualised growing 2.4% in April at June period.

The Figure falls into little unexpectedly. However, has economy now increased for four consequent quarters


Economics of USA - Preview of the Capital! Main companies and Corporations!

The Bank of the America, Boyd, Dynavax, Ford, Mentor Graphics Corp.: USA. Preview of the Capital

The Shares of the following companies mayhave unusual displacement in USA, trading tomorrow. The Stock symbols arein parentheses.

The Bank America Corp (BAC US) : bank company mayrise since economy of the reconstruction raises the earnings and as dividendsare raised, Barrons reported.

Boyd Gaming Corp (BYD US) : company casino has said this will no long to pursue aquisition determined fund StationCasinos Inc.

Dynavax Technologies Corp (DVAX US) : products of the development biotechnology company for infectious disease have said that this had aloss 34 cents share during the second quarter, comparable withprofit 10 cents per annum earlier.

Ford Motor Co (F US) : automaker can raise as itimproves earnings getting market share and reducing expenseses,Barron s reported.

Mentor Graphics Corp. (MENT US) : Investor Carl Icahnreported 14.1 percent shares in manufacturer programme fordesigning and testing semiconductor, including election of the call sharesunderlying, according to plenipotentiary charting.


What is Forex - a work or play?

What is Forex - a Work or Play?
There is much opinions - and I have solved to voice its!
There is two models peoples activity work or gaming. The Play is always risk, but besides this liberty of the choice. The Play can bring You enormous winning and at the same time enormous loss. However, this - insignificant how much measures, which You srent to meet goal. So the main feature of the play is a risk.
Work, on the contrary, disciplines the process, completely exclusive of any risk. The Result worker process is a salary.
Considering trade on international exchange market Forex, not to can to be any unambiguous answer for question "That is Forex". All hang from traders choice. Thinking over trade in Forex with standpoint of the work, we can find much significant differences between this and usually worker process. The Trader no has a traffic manager, position, stairway quarries, trader not to install the monthly salary, him not it is necessary to go in office each daytime. All this - both advantage and defect of the trader. This is not usual notion of the work what each got accustomed to.

Lets Now solves to trade in context of the play. Openning and closing positions, traders to make a bet that happens with currency, independently factor will move or on. So have given correct forecast, trader gets the profit, and, on the contrary if he did not predict change on the market, he loses all. This can be in contrast with casino but can is not named work.

According to today, much traders try to suppose, which trades on international exchange market Forex worker. The Difference between play casino and trade on Forex consists in constant-development itself, market analysis, founding in fundamental and technical factor of the market behaviour. The Trader must check the quotings, follow the most important economic and political news in the world. And according to information, he must come to a conclusion the operations on performing.

If trader is entrusted in his intuitions only, trading the process is added up to play casino. When trading on Forex, You keep the bases fundamental and technical analysis, You always informed about economical and political situation in the world, probable risk of the estimation beforehand, then, certainly, trade on international market Forex - WORKER.