About my forex signals - as it is correct to use

I have guessed that I shall get much questions about my signals, what strategies I can use that I tenders vapour(pair) and etc so I try to answer all these questions here. If you have some other questions, do not scruple to with me on publications commentary in lower part of this page or by means of my page contact.

First, get acquainted with risk of the opening in lower part of this page. If you do not know, trade on exchange market is a long shots, even my signals, as well as possible losses can turn out to be ruinous for your balance of payments. Profit can be big, but this risk to trade Forex market. So this on its awe and risk.

This, as it is spoken, my signals present itself combination strategy, which I have taken and sharpened including strategies of the breakout, daily strategies, lines тренда seesaw and a great deal another. I do the most of my sale with 60М cards (but, as a rule check the day graph first).

My sale on 99% technical nature (my thoughts in that that bases disk to trends on the market, but technical analysis required for въезда and выезда). Because of this I often canceal the sale on integer number reasons such as consolidation picture was violated, or on the price break in opposite direction or breakup to lines тренда. If I shall do all the best to or) Renovation must be produced thereby in lower part he speaks the orders were cancelled or B) after entering about that that signal was cancelled or both.

I want to do his(its) known though that this not my duty to warn you if I cancelling to trade. Remember that trade long shot, and you do this on its awe and risk. If you place the order, founded on my signal and not to canceal him(it), when I since I not to warn you, or therefore that you are not found in place, where you may get on computer, or from any cause, this not my responsiblity. Please, read the risk of the opening in lower part of this page. Trade long shot, and you do this on its awe and risk. Using my signals or having read my page you will acknowledge you have completely freed me, my site, and my company from any responsiblity or losses, which You may sustain. If you not in order with this, that did not read my site, trade my signals or read that I right?

Regrettably for all serious talk, but Foreks serious deal, and I want that you knew. This not "light money", as they do this seems on television set. Besides, will perceive this as positive: this whole only else one reason for you to hear currency itself so you may trade the own signals, and you must not rely upon me!

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For simplicity I try to use GMT time as my standard since this that majority to news market uses and this that I have installed my computer too. I live in MST so he can be sometimes shown incomprehensible. If you are embarrassed simply see on graph I вывесил or ask me, placing commentary.

As to pair(vapour)s I tenders I basically trade professions, but also trade:

GBP / JPY (though and not often since spreads too much for my shower)

Again, this majority of my deals, but I afford straight away and once again.

You notice that majority of my sale has relatively hard stops: 25 points, 30 points, 35 points. This not accidentally. The Majority large pair to use the enormous stops: 100 points or more! Certainly, you could reach several more high factors of the success, but us little lads do not want to lose $ 1000 or more on trade! So I have developed their own strategies and use the strategies with vapour(pair), where I feel that 25-35 пипс stop will more then it is enough to close the borders. On majority of my sale I use two lots. The First limit (or L1) is a stops. When first restrictions (L1) is reached I перехожу stop on втором much before безубыточности (BE) for risk free trade, which, hope reaches second limit (L2).