Conditions of the new Forex bonus program - Up to 50% on deposit in Forex4you!

Conditions of the new Forex bonus program - Up to 50% bonus on deposit in Forex4you!
Our new forex bonus offer is based on "rebate" concept which literally means getting back part of the spread (specified in points or pips). In the past, only Forex4you partners could benefit from rebates, but now every client of ours got this great opportunity!
In short, the more you trade - the more rebates you receive. More lots - more money!
Since you cannot withdraw the bonus immediatelly, you can actually interpret it as a margin or leverage increase - because it gives you access to higher lots!
This bonus arrives to your account in form of special type of loan (loan bonus). These funds cannot be lost as a result of trading. Moreover, these funds cannot be withdrawn before the bonus conditions are met;

Bonus amount depends on two factors - deposit amount and your own choice of the percentage (options between 5% and 50% are available currently);

This bonus offer is only available when adding funds using an automatic (real-time) method through Trader Room's "Add Funds" section. This means bank transfers are not eligible;

In order to withdraw the bonus the following condition must be met: 50% of spreads from all closed orders in last two months must equal to or be higher than the bonus amount received. If this condition is not met - bonus amount will be debited before the withdrawal. Moreover, bonus amount will be debited automatically after 2 months if the condition is not met;

It's beneficial to trade higher lots - in this case a special multiplying factor will be used. Factor for orders between 1 and 10 lots is 1.1, for the ones higher than 10 lots - 1.2. Thus, the bigger orders you open - the quicker you will meet our bonus program's conditions. In other words, for higher lots you receive more spread rebates - 55% of spread for the orders between 1 and 10 lots, 60% of spread for the orders higher than 10 lots;

All calculations happen automatically in Trader Room. If you receive several bonuses in context of this offer, we will process them in so called FIFO mode (First In, First Out) - we will start with the first bonus and then proceed further.

You may see some of the following entries in your terminal history, all related to this new bonus offer:

- Credit Bonus N % In - your account is credited with loan of % size;

- Credit Bonus N % Out - your account is debited with loan of % size;

- Debit Bonus N % In - your account is credited with loan of %s size, bonus conditions are met!

- Credit Bonus N % Expired - your bonus expired - you haven't met the conditions in 2 months;

- Credit Bonus N % Canceled - you have decided to cancel your bonus.

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