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Pendulum 2_05_2! - A New adviser Forex - DownLoad for FREE!

In new version of the adviser Pendulum is changed block calculation lot, more clear checking risk.
Now user itself defines, what amount he ready to dare (Start_Depo in adjustment amount, below which deposit is not lowered in the event of arising the losses). The Past version suffered that that after series of the ingenious deals, one down has taken all profit. Start_Depo avoids this problem, but obstructs testing on greater temporary interval. Adjustment under vapour(pair) GBPUSD by default.
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ilan_reg_19 - Super New free forex  adviser with change
In contrast with previous version are made row of the small change, works in the same way, as judged by review, evident mistake in 18 versions was not so if you use 18 versions that this nothing in principal does not differ, for stating bosom it is necessary download one more indicator

// + on 5 signs to do automaton a recalculation parameter (in help user which incorrect expose parameters in points on 5 signs)
// + itself download quotings on all TF, in tester of the quoting must be download and recalculated, in demo and real, it is necessary a little to wait after start that he download of the quoting
// itself + more correct determination of the size of the lot, has taken away parameter lotdecimal (in help user which incorrect expose lot)
 // + other lock (on base of the principle качелей or avalanches) immediately warn лок and that as he works tested not long
// + possible disconnect indicators and trade in one side what want (refer to parameters FDir, IndOff1, IndOff2)

Many thanks all who says, came much offers on improvement of the adviser!
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New  free Forex Profit Advisor (robot) Nevalyashka_BreakdownLevel.mq4 - Use for free and make Money!
The Strategy to trade - a breakage of the maximum / minimum chosen length of time.
To compensate for unprofitable order, use "tumbler" with increase in parties on principle Martingale.
This consultant calculates maximum and minimum is valued for time lag between

TimeStart (START time of the period of the observation) and
TimeEnd (final time of the period of the observation). The Ithaca, You may choose the most optimum for trade period.
Then, over maximum price of this period, shown warrant to be gained. If the price went below minimum, then for selling.
The Stop loss is subject to on opposite border of the period.
TP SUBJECTED to the level to equal height of the period of the observation.
Opened order can be close at determined Consultant of time
TimeCloseOrder (TIME in which occurs closing all order)
If You have installed TimeCloseOrde = 0 or less TimeEnd, then order of the closing will only be a trace, excluding TimeCloseOrder.
If order close loss, he opens the opposite order with raised party of the factor K_martin.
The Feets from new order is fixed thereby as that covering resulting loss. If order was locked profit, then consultant expects start the following period (TimeEnd) and all repetitions.
The Parameter No_Loss - goes in no loss, when half of the order of its incom, order SL is sent on level opened order.
Expert Consultant feels great broker with 4 and 5 symbols, but will not work in DC, where blocked feet with order of the opening.
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