New technical analysis about USD/JPY on 16/07/2010

As previously forecasted, breach of support in 88.20 opened the way on annual minimum in 86.90/87.00.
Thereupon, the check of these factors price continued consolidating nearby and currently lived on 87.00/10.
The Pointers steadily save the prejudice in profit of the gradient to last move s. This gives the reason for suggestions to promote falling downwards on this intersection before new minimum.
Continuing, breach 86.95 on reasons check of support in 86.50/60 and further in 86.30/20 also for locked time.
At the same time, currently checked support - well within reach to continue to withstand the attack of the Bears , and that probably means the development to trade consolidation within the range of 87.30/40-86.95/87.00.

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