Economics of USA - Preview of the Capital! Main companies and Corporations!

The Bank of the America, Boyd, Dynavax, Ford, Mentor Graphics Corp.: USA. Preview of the Capital

The Shares of the following companies mayhave unusual displacement in USA, trading tomorrow. The Stock symbols arein parentheses.

The Bank America Corp (BAC US) : bank company mayrise since economy of the reconstruction raises the earnings and as dividendsare raised, Barrons reported.

Boyd Gaming Corp (BYD US) : company casino has said this will no long to pursue aquisition determined fund StationCasinos Inc.

Dynavax Technologies Corp (DVAX US) : products of the development biotechnology company for infectious disease have said that this had aloss 34 cents share during the second quarter, comparable withprofit 10 cents per annum earlier.

Ford Motor Co (F US) : automaker can raise as itimproves earnings getting market share and reducing expenseses,Barron s reported.

Mentor Graphics Corp. (MENT US) : Investor Carl Icahnreported 14.1 percent shares in manufacturer programme fordesigning and testing semiconductor, including election of the call sharesunderlying, according to plenipotentiary charting.

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