What is Forex - a work or play?

What is Forex - a Work or Play?
There is much opinions - and I have solved to voice its!
There is two models peoples activity work or gaming. The Play is always risk, but besides this liberty of the choice. The Play can bring You enormous winning and at the same time enormous loss. However, this - insignificant how much measures, which You srent to meet goal. So the main feature of the play is a risk.
Work, on the contrary, disciplines the process, completely exclusive of any risk. The Result worker process is a salary.
Considering trade on international exchange market Forex, not to can to be any unambiguous answer for question "That is Forex". All hang from traders choice. Thinking over trade in Forex with standpoint of the work, we can find much significant differences between this and usually worker process. The Trader no has a traffic manager, position, stairway quarries, trader not to install the monthly salary, him not it is necessary to go in office each daytime. All this - both advantage and defect of the trader. This is not usual notion of the work what each got accustomed to.

Lets Now solves to trade in context of the play. Openning and closing positions, traders to make a bet that happens with currency, independently factor will move or on. So have given correct forecast, trader gets the profit, and, on the contrary if he did not predict change on the market, he loses all. This can be in contrast with casino but can is not named work.

According to today, much traders try to suppose, which trades on international exchange market Forex worker. The Difference between play casino and trade on Forex consists in constant-development itself, market analysis, founding in fundamental and technical factor of the market behaviour. The Trader must check the quotings, follow the most important economic and political news in the world. And according to information, he must come to a conclusion the operations on performing.

If trader is entrusted in his intuitions only, trading the process is added up to play casino. When trading on Forex, You keep the bases fundamental and technical analysis, You always informed about economical and political situation in the world, probable risk of the estimation beforehand, then, certainly, trade on international market Forex - WORKER.

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