Technical analysis and recommendations on EUR/USD in Forex - 09/07/2010!

Technical analysis and recommendations on EUR/USD in Forex - 09/07/2010!

The Line of the resistance of the ascendant channel (the red lines) is much corrected confirms its status and does not allow the price to demonstrate the more high rate of growth. This time level 1.2680/85 became the stumbling block, and presently price was lowered to 1.2650/40.

The Indicators continue to signalize about u-turn downwards, divergency on MACD increased, but R% tries to abandon the zone repurchase.
Obviously, there is sense with raised by attention to consider the variants begin top-down motion. What seems, breakdown of support 1.2620/30 will declare about probability begin falls of the price and the following support, herewith, will be a level 1.2570, but then 1.2510/00.
In ditto time, situation while leaves the priorities on side of the growing. The Breakdown level 1.2680 can condition the next activity a market with intention to pop the price to more high level, in region 1.2800/1.2900.
In ditto time that these intentions had a good chances for realization necessary fastening to trade above level of the resistance 1.2720/30, which presently complies with line long-term top-down trend and this reinforcement capable to split all diligences oxen .

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