My analysis to trade for current month on own real trade forex account !

Level of balance load
You overload your deposit, it makes your trading instable
Ratio of profitable orders to losing ones
4.91: profitable orders make up more than a half of all orders, it has a positive effect on trading results
Frequency of transactions

Intraday: (up to one day), few deals in one trading day, all positions are open for not more than one day. Brings rather unstable results, due to relatively high volatility and psychological stress.

Short-term: (up to one week)
Recovery factor
Stable trading system (strategy) that makes profits. To increase your profitability you can increase the risks.

Sum of profits from all profitable deals: 403.70
Sum of losses from all loss-making deals: 51.95
Total profit 351.75
GrossProfit/GrossLoss rate: 7.77
Average order profit: 5.33
Slump: 0.00
Maximum slump, and the percentage: 10.29 (2.18)
Maximum relative slump, its value: 2.90 (9.30)
Total orders: 66
Number of short positions, percentage of profitable orders among them:31 (83.87)
Number of long positions, the percentage of profitable among them:35 (82.86)

Number of profitable orders, in % of the total number: 54 (81.82)
Number of losing trades, their percentage from the total number of transactions: 11 (16.67)
The biggest profit from an order: 34.85
The biggest loss: -10.29
Average profit for profitable deals: 7.48:
Average loss for loss-making deals: -4.72
Number of deals in the longest profitable sequence, total profit from them: 17 (105.06)
The same for losing: 2 (-4.20)
The biggest profit from a sequence of winning trades, number of transactions in that sequence: 105.06 (17)
The same for losing: -10.29 (1)
Average number of consecutive profitable deals: 4.91
Same for loss-making deals: 1.10

I think this much well for successful trade for the following profit periods!

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