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In May 2010, the euro fell sharply, even dropping below its lows from 2008. While the pair remains on a downtrend on the weekly chart, last week saw a correction back to the 2008 lows. It's still too early to tell if the euro will continue its slide against the dollar or if the trend will shift.

It is highly likely that the data published will affect the movement of EURUSD. How? You can evaluate the market situation and forecast price movement with the help of the unique package of analytical services offered on our website:
Forex Informers allow you in merely seconds to evaluate the number and trend of transactions open on a certain currency
pair by Alpari clients at the present moment, and also give you the opportunity to view quotes provided by Alpari on your website.
The Autochartist chart analysis program autonomously identifies technical chart patterns while defining and forecasting market tendencies, triggering signals that point you to advantageous trading trends.
Financial News from Dow Jones Newswires, information from a major global news agency. This service allows you to keep track of economic news in real time.
Web TV gives you access to the latest breaking news on world financial markets in an interactive and accessible form.
Technical Analysis from Trading Central, one of the leading independent international companies providing technical analysis reports on financial markets and forecasts that are used as a “second opinion” by major global financial institutions.
Weekly news briefs from Alpari’s leading analysts and other services.

Attention: All these services are absolutely free of charge for clients who have opened a live account at Alpari!

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