Forex forecast for July of european currency eur/usd - For free!

At June european currency and in particular eur/usd reached minimum since 2005 level, but to closing the month begin be corrected, formed figure "head and shoulder" with "line to necks" in region 1.27. On passed week european currency consolidate, as well as not having been able to develop the further growing. On week таймфрейме pair remains in top-down trande, pair remains below lines "necks" in region 1.27, and is corrected. On days timeframe pair has formed the whereupon it was corrected, risks of the continuation rising correction in region 1.26-1.27 are saved while pair remains above 1.2140. Fastening above 1.2530 will signalize in favour of growing of european currency. Fastening below 1.2440, will form the signals on fall euro.

-----Support--- ---Resistance--- -Trend-
1.2440-1.2450 / 1.2530-1.2540 / M
1.2370-1.2380 / 1.2590-1.2600 / W
1.2250-1.2260 / 1.2710-1.2720 / D
1.2190-1.2200 / 1.2840-1.2850 / H4

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